Zamora Offices

Zamora Offices + Alberto Campo Baeza

This building has structural glass along the perimeter, providing the appearance of a fluid environment with the outdoors.

Shared with permission from Alberto Campo Baeza
Structural Engineer: Eduardo Diez
Photography: Javier Callejas Sevilla
Location: Obispo Manso, Zamora
Area: 12.100 m2
Timing: Competition 2004, project 2006, construction 2008-2012

From the Architect:

“Within the stone box, a glass box, only glass. Like a greenhouse. With a double facade similar to a Trombe wall. The external skin of the facade is made of glass, each single sheet measuring 600x300x2,4 cm and all joined together simply with structural silicone and hardly anything else. As if entirely made of air.”

“The trihedral upper angles of the box are made completely with glass, thus even further accentuating the effect of transparency.”


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