The Icebergs

The Icebergs + JDS Architects

“The Icebergs” is a unique residential community that differentiates the skyline of Aarhus.

Shared with permission from JDS Architects
Photography: JDS Architects, Julien Lanoo
Location: Aarhus, Denmark
Area: 21600 m2
Timeline: Completed 2013

From the Architect:

“This project provides an enormous opportunity for Aarhus, Denmark’s second largest city, to redevelop in a socially sustainable way by renovating its old, out-of-use container terminal. The area is meant to become a living city quarter and achieve a proper level of urban density, comprised of a multitude of cultural and social activities, generous amounts of workplaces, and of course, a highly mixed and diverse array of housing types.”

“The character of the quarter will be reinforced by the facades of the buildings, as their patterns flow down, across and back up again, clearly defining the pedestrian experience into, though, and out of the area.”


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