Prefabricated Shelter

Prefabricated Shelter + Vipp

Vipp’s prefabricated living units enable people to have a second home for the weekends.

Shared with permission from Vipp
Area: 55 m2

From the Designers:

“Vipp has made a plug & play getaway that allows you to escape urban chaos in a 55m2 all-inclusive nature retreat called ‘shelter’- a prefabricated object designed down to the last detail, where the only choice left to the customer is where to put it.

“‘A battery-charging station for humans’ is how Vipp’s CEO, Kasper Egelund. describes the company’s latest investment which marks quite a category jump from Vipp’s signature product; ‘There is no evident link between a pedalbin. a kitchen and a shelter. but enter the shelter and the philosophy of one. long lasting, functional toolper category is embodied in every object you see – each crafted from our 75 year long tradition of steel processing.'”

“The simple steel grid structurally supports the two level space, where only the bathroom and bed loft is shielded from the main living space. Nature is omnipresent within the transparent shell, yet with a physical blindage in the form of parallel. sliding window frames that provide shelter from the forces of nature.”

“The starting point of the Vipp shelter is going back to basics; back to nature in a dense, compact space wrapped in the Vipp DNA. The landscape is purposely framed, turning it into the predominant element of the interior space fitted with a predominantly dark-toned interior carefully selected to keep focus on nature.”

“Vipp is rooted in the manufacture of industrial objects, so the term ‘shelter’ is a typology that allows us to define this modern escape as a product inspired by large volume objects such as airplanes, ferries and submarines.” – Morten Bo Jensen, chief designer in Vipp.”

“The shelter comes fully equipped with Vipp products including everything from lighting to linen, from table to toilet brush, and from shelves to soap dispenser.”

“Prefabricated north of Copenhagen with a production time of 6 months and 3·5 days of installation.”


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