Converted Studio Camper Van

Converted Studio Camper Van + Zach Both

This featured project by Zach Both completely transforms a used Chevy into a modern studio and camper van.

Zach’s project reminds me of someone I knew from Sweden who moved to America and lived in a short bus throughout college. He stripped out the interior and installed storage shelves, a study desk, mini kitchen and a mattress. During summer breaks he would take off and explore the United States in his short bus.

About the Van:

-Decade old Chevy cargo van bought off of Craigslist
-Renovated interior was designed using influences from contemporary architecture
-All woodwork was completed by Zach, who had no previous carpentry experience
-Living space features a futon bed and kitchen with stove. Solar panels on the roof power a fridge, mobile wifi network and home theater system
-Reclaimed wood used on ceiling and walls

Shared with permission from Zach Both
Zach provides a do-it-yourself instruction guide for converting a similar vehicle on his project website, entitled The Vanual

From the Creator:

“Over the past year, Zach Both, a 23-year old filmmaker, has been on a ‘creative road show’ across the US; collaborating with fellow artists and writers along the way. His mode of transportation is a cargo van he converted into a beautifully functional mobile studio that enables him to live and work in various places around the country.”

“Filmmaking by nature is a nomadic pursuit. It’s a constant migration to and from di erent locations based on what the storytelling requires,” said Zach Both. ‘With this van, I now have complete freedom to write a script surrounded by mountains, direct a shoot in a remote desert town and then collaborate with an editor or composer in Los Angeles — all within the same month. That would be impossible any other way.'”


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